Although my job does not pay for non-research activities, I try to do some outreach and science communication work in my free time. Over the past few years, I have occasionally volunteered as a producer for KGNU’s How on Earth science radio show, producing a number of shows on a variety of science topics. I also participated in science outreach panels at the 2016 and 2017 Denver Comic Con, including a panel about the science of The Martian and a panel about pursuing a career in planetary science and exploration. I have also given a number of talks at science nights for various groups, including a San Antonio Astronomy on Tap event, cosponsored by the Witte Museum in San Antonio. As part of the “Mars Attacks!” event, I spoke about “Dust Storms on Mars”.

I was involved in the campaign to characterize Arrokoth1 before the New Hozions flyby. I was interviewed in Spanish and English as part of the MU69 observation campaigns in Mendoza, Argentina and Comodoro Rivadavia, Argentina, including an interview with ADN Sur - Agencia de Noticias de Comodoro Rivadavia y Chubut and an interview with Texas Public Radio. I also wrote an article for the Planetary Society about the MU69 campaign.

  1. Back when it was called 2014 MU69.