I am a planetary scientist and aerospace engineer working at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, CO. For almost two decades, I have been involved in the exploration of our Solar System, either as an engineer or as a scientist. In that time, I have become fascinated with understanding the physics of the atmospheres that envelope some of our terrestrial and icy worlds. In particular, my research focuses on the atmospheres of Mars and Titan.

Recent Posts

Working at the Colorado School of Mines

1 minute read

Having finished my thesis at Caltech I have moved to the Colorado School of Mines where I will be working with Prof. Jeffrey Andrews-Hanna. Andrews-Hanna and...

Caltech GPS Trip to Peru

4 minute read

One of the perks of being a graduate student at Catlech is the alumni wealth that is given to the Institute. For the Division of Geological and Planetary Sci...